San Francisco Real Estate Updates with Rebecca February 2021

February 18, 2021 — Source: Compass

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San Francisco Real Estate

Updates with Rebecca


February 18, 2021 

Our January report focused mostly on 2020’s annual statistics. This report will put most of its attention on quarterly and monthly indicators, which better illustrate changes occurring as 2020 progressed, and 2021 began. It's a fabulous start! 



This map generally reflects median home sales prices in San Francisco neighborhoods for a 12-month period. Median sales prices often fluctuate and can be affected by other factors besides changes in fair market value. 

Run the cursor over the map to pull up icons and prices by 

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This beautifully remodeled, North of Panhandle,  Edwardian full-floor flat with two bedrooms is move-in ready. 

I heard John Dickerson say, "I think the biggest, most important thing I ever learned was reading David Allen’s Getting Things Done, and it was basically to have some structure for capturing ideas." 


I read the book and agree with John. Hello, 2021!

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Chef Pete has been Getting Things Done at PALETTE

He describes what he's been doing and what changes await us at our favorite San Francisco restaurant. I can't wait to experience these changes.

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If you're looking to buy, sell or talk about what's going on in the San Francisco real estate market today, 

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